On the 28th of December we will be welcoming Pleasure Barge alongside Mamilah, Monzanto Sound and Ife Ogunjobi to Off The Cuff for a night of jazz, funk and a whole lot of groove. Before the night, get to know Monzanto Sound.

Chaotic funk/alt-Pop quintet born out of the Mancunian underground. Indie bands too often rely on being “a bit like the arctic monkeys” or “kind of like blur” but Pleasure Barge really are their own beast. From jazz to disco and 90s hip-hop the band takes from a list of influences that sounds like the playlist of the coolest kid in school and brings them to an upbeat indie sound.

In their biggest single to date, Electric Ride, Pleasure Barge bring indie hooks to house beats to create a truely unique anthem.

Given the band has new material coming out in early 2020 you can be sure you’ll be treated to something special if you see them on the 28th of December.

Get tickets to see Pleasure Barge on the 28th of December at Off The Cuff

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