Possibly the pick that’s had the biggest year out of all the groups on the list, when we looked at PEAKES going into 2019 they’d just released the brilliant single Still Life, with promises of an EP in the new year. That EP came in April in the form of Absent In Person, a three-track record. Its lead single Hole in the Floor introduced us to a slightly different style for the band, slightly more driven and filled in than previous releases but beds of synthesisers still perfectly supporting singer Molly Puckering’s vocals. The EP as a whole is a sonic exploration of isolation and human interaction, portrayed not just in the lyrics but the atmosphere that it evokes. The group have teased new music in 2020 with posts on social media from RAK Studios in London, but have yet to reveal what and when we can expect something. 

Long Legged Creatures

Another group on our list that really took a big step up in 2019. When we included them on our list last year, they were newcomers to the Leeds scene, and had recently released their single Lack Of Communication. New releases eluded us for most of the year, and we had to make do with fearsome live performances, including a show-stealer at Salemango festival in Summer. Thankfully, all that changed come Winter, first with the release of Spent, featuring another local artist Joshua Zero on guest vocals, and followed up with another new release, Demonise, a few weeks ago. Both show Long Legged Creatures as the band that they promised to be last year: askewing genre lines to create a doomy, deep and dense sound that forces itself to be noticed. There’s no sign of a let up from the group yet either, with a single launch planned for 17th January at the Hyde Park Book Club.


Well I guess it couldn’t all be rose petals and lavender for all the groups on our list. Wilted have gone all quiet since the end of last year. Social media posts stop at the end of 2018, and whilst some members are still playing with local stalwarts Treeboy and Arc, Wilted for now seems to be on a shelf somewhere. A genuine shame for a band that promised to become a prominent feature in Leeds’ proud post-punk scene, but for now, all we can do is hope that a reemergence will arise in 2020. 


The year for Polo started off with the release of new single On My End, and saw the electro pop outfit continue in the same sonic vein as 2018’s single Louder Than Words. Another single, Death Of Me, followed in May, and the addition of a fourth member to the live lineup felt like a progressive and logical step forward for the group. Catching their evening show at this year’s Humber Street Sesh, the band played upcoming single Hula, due for release in the Autumn with a tour to support. The track exhibits why we chose them at the end of last year; their simple knack for crafting a pop hook, and surrounding it with smart synthesizers and production. No news yet on what we can expect in the New Year, other than “something good”.

Sunflower Thieves

Only one release for the pop-folk due this year, Autumn’s stripped back version of Heavy Weight, but with nearly 40 shows in the bank, the duo have continued their tradition of heavy gigging. There’s little sign of a let up either, with more gigs teased for 2020, and hopefully a new single or two to accompany.

Leo Cosmos

A debut year, two infectious pop singles and just one live show. We spoke to Leo Cosmos ahead of the release of Take My Chances back in March and you can watch that one here.


Morpher have been all over the North this year, from Huddersfield to Hull, Liverpool to Lancaster, Morpher have played it all. Just a couple of recorded releases to back up the live shows. One of the hardest working bands in Leeds over the last 12 months.


A couple of releases and collaborations across the Leeds scene culminating in a small headline tour of the North in the Autumn finishing with a headline show at Headrow house. This year has also seen the blossoming of a collaboration with WILDMAN productions spawning gorgeous videos such as this one for Closer released at the end of October.


Massive year for Talkboy. Honing their indie pop sound with three singles and culminating in an EP, in 2019 Talkboy established themselves as one of the fastest rising bands in the UK indie scene. In the last 12 months you’ve probably found them coming into your ears courtesy of Jack Saunders on Radio 1, gracing the pages of DIY magazine and next year you might be lucky enough to catch them bobbing around the continent. Also making a bid to become Leeds’ premiere ABBA tribute act but they might be toning that one down.


No releases but a lot of live shows including summer jaunts to Eldorado and Boomtown, played our first party in London at Off The Cuff and have some releases planned for early 2020!

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