Who are Yaatri? Yaatri is the project of Leeds based guitarist Liam DeTar. Working with Bethany Herrington (B-ahwe, the unofficial voice of Leeds’ alternative Jazz and experimental scene), the keyboard player Felix Bertulis-Webb (Heju), Jona Tromp (also of Heju and Sharpsticks) and Joe Wilkes who can be found playing bass with groups across the Leeds jazz community.

Why should you listen to them right now? Reach, their debut EP, came out on the 2nd of April providing asound track to lazy days in lockdown. Bethany Herrington’s etherial vocals soaring over DeTar’s guitar helps take the EP take you to a place somewhere between relaxing the spring sun and toe tapping in your room long past when you should have gone to bed. The inclusion of Indian Tabla player Zuheb Ahmed Kahn who recorded in Mumbai helps to the EP to stand out to ears not used to the instrument.

What was their latest release? Well… Reach. Listen below

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