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Who are Walt Disco: Hailing from Glasgow, Walt Disco bring dramatic, theatrical explosivity to their music and yet a sense of relatability to their lyrics. The band combine unique vocals with ambitious instrumental in songs such as ‘Drowning in Your Velvet Bed’, reinventing and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a post punk band in 2019. An eclectic fashion style and attitude amasses to a wildly exciting live experience, each time unique.  A support tour with fellow Glaswegians The Ninth Wave in November has helped them amass a devoted and swiftly growing fanbase.

Why should you listen to them? A bit of glam, a bit of drama and a heavy dose of glaswegian rock and roll sensibilities can snap you right out of a quarentine endused spiral. A band to dance round your room in a feather boa to.

Where to start…

A deeper cut…

What should you listen to next? Keep it in Glagow with Lucia and the Best Boys, hop to Edinbrugh for a bit of Young Fathers then maybe take it back to some queer punk roots with Jayne County.

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