Who is Lazarus Kane? Having just released his second single, Mr Lazarus Kane is surely causing a stir in 2020. The almost hypnotic performances and ability to achieve comedic dialogue with a crowd makes Mr Kane and his band one of the most engaging acts in UK right now. The contrast of male and female lead vocals in the band are a real stand out whilst the combined electronic synth beats are not dissimilar from the likes of  Talking Heads. A modern twist in their lyrics exposing the truths of society, ‘Narcissus’ is self-indulgent and Night Walking keeps

Why should you listen? Lazarus Kane might just be one of the most exciting acts in the UK right now, blending dance beats with indie sensiblities. While the likes of Working Men’s Club and PVA can take the dance floor to another level at 2am, Lazarus Kane’s brighter melodies catchy hooks are the kind of thing you need to get you started on a night.

Where to start? Latest release Night Walking can get you tapping your feet for the evening.

A deeper cut… Not a Lazarus Kane song but you’ll find Katy J Pearson as the backing vocals on a lot of his tracks so she is well worth a listen to get a deeper knowledge of the band

What you should listen to next. Smokey Brights have an incredible track called Flash Your Lights remixed by Rudy Willingham which has the same energy as Mr Kane.

Make sure you check out “Night Walking” on our “Pretend You’re Having Fun” playlist (updated weekly, Lazarus Kane featured 14th to 21st May)

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