Who is SIMBA? A Leeds based producer and DJ making groovy house tracks and regularly playing some of the biggest parties in the city.

Why should you listen? From his “Simba & Friends” mix series solidifying his place in the Leeds dance music community to increasingly regular features on Radio 1 and 1Xtra Simba is one of the DJ’s in Leeds who’s growing beyond the confines of a local scene.

Where to start? Latest release Resonate is a great place to jump in, a wicked use of the Love Sensation sample and a great groove. You can also find the single on our playlist (18th-25th June 2020), link here.

In a mix This silly, outrageous and fun genre mashup on Radio 1Xtra, you can find the full thing here for the next few weeks

What you should listen to next. Brushing at the edges of commericial clubs it’d be good to explore people in that scene. Prospa, Finn and Brame & Hamo would be great things to explore with a bit of Simba.

By James Ward

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