Pretend came from Leeds to London and that is the name of our show this month featuring interviews with B-ahwe and Project Hilts and celebrating music and musicians that can be traced back to the city we started out in.

If you look closely, you might even see some of these artists appearing at our upcoming shows… check out our shows page to get tickets.


B-ahwe – Bewitched
Nix Northwest – Drive Slow

Interview with B-ahwe

B-ahwe – Circles (prod. Tambala)
Yusuf Yellow – Lost but Not Forgotten
Hive Society – Opaque

Project Hilts Interview

Project Hilts – Dark Side
Project Hilts – Lonely Days
Nubiyan Twist – Tittle Tattle (feat. Cherise)
English Teacher – R&B
Long Legged Creatures – Spent (feat. Joshua Zero)
Sah – Baby Battlesnake (feat. Team Picture)
Shame – Tasteless (Happa Remix)
Adam Pits – Cluster Funk
Pangaea – Like This
Adult DVD – Broken English (Danny Remix)
Carlos – Spark/Snap [Reel Long Overdub]
Breaka – Mass Gathering
Joshua Zero – Barbed Wire Eyelashes


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