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Hey! I’m Zoë.

I’m a gig enthusiast and lover of indie and dance music, so I guess I’m in the right place. 

I am a former presenter on the Indie and Alternative show at Leeds Student Radio at the University of Leeds, where I studied Philosophy and deep thought on a 24 hour basis (half joking). I am currently at the end of my 3rd year now, about to graduate! I am now, thanks to James who was the Head of Music in my time at LSR, an editor of Pretend alongside him and the lovely Lucy Bradshaw. 

Being a part of a radio team was the best experience I could have asked for during my time in University. As well as leaving the studio each week with a smile on my face (corny- but true), it transformed how I interacted with music. I moved from listening and appreciating music in a casual way, to truly engaging, reviewing and unpicking what exactly it was about the music I was listening to that fired up something in me. And of course, it further made me be on the hunt for new material at all times. 

The vast opportunities I received from being on the show were truly amazing, especially considering it was the first experience with interviewing I’d had. I gained further insight into the music industry and how it works, and learnt how to conjure up creative questions based on existing interviews and research into such bands and artists. In my time I have interviewed the likes of The Orielles, The Horrors, Rejjie Snow, Indoor Pets, L.A. Peach and Van Houten.

I’m so excited to be back in the interviewing game and contribute to the incredible content of Pretend.

Check out some of my stuff below: 


InTheMiddle with Rejjie Snow


Podcast Interviews

Video Interviews



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