Leeds has a wonderful and diverse live music scene where you could easily go to five gigs a week without too much effort. Each week we’ll be asking some of our contributors for their opinions on a selection of the live events coming up in the next week. This week Alex, Becca and James share their thoughts.

Jordan Allen – Key Club – Wednesday

Jordan Allen

Mid-week indie from the emphatic Jordan Allen.

James The epitome of post-Arctic Monkeys indie. The sort of artist that futuresound will put on until they’re done moshing and go back to Oporto to listen to the same ten indie songs they’ve had on repeat since AM came out.

Becca An event guaranteed to be overflowing with a bunch of boys dressed as wannabe Liam Gallaghers; a sea of flat caps and cans of Strongbow Dark Fruits. If you like bands such as The Courteeners, Arctic Monkeys or Blossoms then you’ll probably enjoy this, but just be warned that if you’re over the age of 19 then you’ll probably be the oldest one there.

Romare – Headrow House – Friday

Natural Selection bring Romare to Headrow House as they come to the end of their third season.

Becca Romare is cool in the most ‘Edgy Leeds’ way of being cool. This is a gig that will succeed being a mix of all things funky, jazzy and a even a little bit psychedelic, so if you wanna impress your friends by demonstrating how edgy you’ve become since moving to the city, then definitely drag them down to Headrow House- you’ll be sure to have a good night.

Alex Oh Romare, Romare Romare Romare. One of the weirdest and most wonderful artists in the truest sense of the word. Combing his love for collage in both his visual artwork and music, Romare has bought a sound and aesthetic that’s hard to define other than it’s cool and has you guessing all night long. Expect African influenced beats with a soulful edge that will have you grooving to your heart’s content.

Team Picture – Hyde Park Book Club – Friday

Team Picture have been relatively quiet since the release of their mini-album recietal earlier this year but are back for their first headline show in Leeds since June.

Becca Having seen Team Picture on several separate occasions now, I feel I’m in a qualified to encourage you to go to this. It’s guaranteed to be loud, fun and hopefully a little bit weird.

Alex In contrast to Becca, having never seen Team Picture I’m really not that qualified to encourage you to go along – but I’m going to anyway! Very new wave alternative with those broody vocals and intermittent electric guitar solos. There’s a kind of nostalgia to their music, even when you have never heard them before like me! So go listen to some new music and support some local talent.

High and Lonesome Winter Special – Brudenell – Saturday

High and Lonesome bring The Howl and The Hum, Archie Faulks, Amy May Ellis, Crake, Sunflower Thieves and Altar Hanglands to the Brudenell for a warming mid-winter gathering. 

Becca The Howl and the Hum are absolutely killing it at the moment, not just within the Leeds music scene but in the UK in general. That should be enough of a reason to attend this gig, but if it isn’t then the free entry should be more than enough to tempt you down to the Brude.

Alex Free gig at the Brude. And a local lineup letting limbs loosen. Lovely.

James Godmanchester Chinese Bridge.

Cousin Kula – Oporto – Sunday

Etherial psych-pop spilling out from Bristol across the country to Oporto for a Sunday night groove.

Becca Cousin Kula will definitely suit the small, intimate setting of Oporto so if you were thinking of seeing them then this is the perfect place for it.

James This band feel like the next hype band. Oh sick nice synths bro, really cool guitar tone m8, oooh breathy vocals niiiicee. Needless to say I’m on the hype train in a desperate attempt to seem cool.

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