Leeds has a wonderful and diverse live music scene where you could easily go to five gigs a week without too much effort. Each week we’ll be asking some of our contributors for their opinions on a selection of the live events coming up in the next week. This week James, Jemima and Chesca share their thoughts.

Chest Pains and Treeboy & Arc – Brudenell – Wednesday

Treeboy & Arc by Andrew Benge

Chest Pains and Treeboy & Arc have been out on tour together and will be closing it out at the Brudenell with a free entry show this Wednesday. The show will be a first chance to catch the bands new releases in Leeds. Find the Facebook event here.

Jemima I’m a big fan of Treeboy & Arc and have been following them since they were in the gestation period. I haven’t seen them in Leeds for a while and I’m very excited to see where they’re at with this show.

James Loud noises guaranteed. Last time I saw Treeboy at the Brudenell they were doing an EP Launch with Drahla where they brought loads of plants, played on the floor in front of the stage and tore the place up. Hoping for more plants this time.

Chesca This is gonna be a great night out, and it’s free! If you want to forget all your responsibilities and get groovin’ (maybe even moshing) then the brude is your go to this hump day

Jamnesty – Brudenell – Wednesday

Leeds University Amnesty society are hosting a gig showcasing local jazz, blues, funk and indie, to raise money for Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network. With performances from So To Speak, Arnold Ziff, Mondo Bizarre, Shaku. Find the Facebook event here.

Shaku who will be playing at the Jamnesty event this Wednesday

Jemima If you find yourself at a loose end on a Wednesday night, what better way to spend it than at a gig? For charity? And it’s all local!

James Look, it’s the same night as the Chest Pains and Treeboy gig so you might as well be at the Brude anyway so you might as well pop in for extra fun on your already great Wednesday night.

Chesca Jazz seems to be rising to the top of the Leeds music scene and this gig is all for a good cause! Broaden your musical horizons and prepare for the Jiving rhythms to blow your mind.  

Hinds – Church – Thursday


Spanish indie-pop queens continue their relentless tour bringing the party to Leeds with Sports Team. Find the Facebook event here

Jemima To be honest for me Hinds are a bit meh? Church will be a fun venue for them, and they’re good if you’re into that sort of scene I suppose. I think my moshing days are behind me, quite honestly.

James I love Hinds and Sports Team so will fully be here for this one. Probably more excited about Sports Team (#BrexitmeansBrexit and I’m looking forward to never seeing a European band again after 2019…) I am not above moshing as I am a child at heart.

Chesca I feel girl bands are a rarity in the music industry, especially in the Leeds music scene. I’m very excited for Hinds to grace church with their sunny Spanish harmonies and glistening indie vibes. Church is such a great venue for gigs, I’d get down on Thursday night!

Snacks (@ Primal Sound) – Church – Friday

Snacks are a light live disco duo from Berlin who have graced Flux in Leeds in the last year coming over for their biggest show so far in Leeds. Find the Facebook Event here.

Jemima Quite honestly the thought of a night out at Church fills me with dread. It feels like a good gig venue but tickets are oversold for nights and it just gets overly sweaty and rammed. Snacks will be gd tho.

James I’m a sucker for a pretty space and some Berlin based disco because I’m a basic bitch at heart.

Chesca Great for all you electro heads and budding Dj’s. Great dance music in a beautiful vibrant space, get down and cut your best shapes.

Flohio – Headrow House – Saturday


Coming at you from South London Flohio is a fast rising star backed by the likes of Julie Adenuga and Toddla T she combines heavy beats with intricate lyrcism. Find the Facebook event here

Jemima Flohio is ‘ard and this will surely be an unmissable show. Headrow is nicely intimate, so this is definitely going to be a big’un.

James SE16. God Colony. Go listen to that and tell me you won’t be at this show

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