If you’re a singer/songwriter junkie, there is no doubt the name Will Killen will ring some bells. From just one single in 2017 and one EP in 2018, the Leeds based artist has accumulated some decent stats (just more than 6.5 million Youtube views…)

After a wee digital hiatus this year however, his return to song-writing comes in the form of his latest single Overthinking.

Though very much identifiable as a Will Killen tune, this single points towards a new sound. With considerable musical depth and excellent production, Killen has got the absolute most out of his band.

This new creative development comes as no surprise considering what he’s been up to over the course of this year.

2019 has been a year of building. I’ve tried to keep away from the surface, away from distraction, and build things that I’m proud of. The biggest being Evoke Studios, which has become a space to work with and record other artists, but mostly it’s a space for me to create and experiment with the seemingly endless pile of songs I have in the pages. Overthinking being the first experiment.

This sense of moving onto bigger and better things is wholly reflected in the song; that of gaining clarity and finding the ability to move on. Killen has previously described his song-writing as ‘therapy and torture’, and that he ‘almost exclusively draw(s) inspiration from sadness’. Overthinking, on the other hand, feels more like a breakthrough from sadness and torture, entering into a new state, emotionally as well as musically.

But the development doesn’t stop there, as Killen has grand plans for upcoming live shows, taking influence from fellow band members.

I have two unbelievably talented musicians by my side, so for live shows I tend to construct alternate versions of the songs, leaving space for them to express their voices too. It’s such a joy.


But fans of the more stripped back singer-songwriter style need not feel neglected, as the king of tease keeps us on our toes.

Overthinking needed to go big; it’s an outburst. There’s definitely more where this came from, but also songs to come that need no more than a piano and a voice. Spoiler alert.

He’s an artist that gives nothing away. When asked if the ‘08.11.19 overthinking’ tattoo was real…

Now that would be telling. You’ll have to come to a show and I’ll spill the beans.


11.11.2019 Look Leeds Pretend Issues

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