Tamar is the new single from Fossa, the Leeds based live-electronic trio. We’ll let Nick run you through what you should know about the track.

Tamar was named after a street in Brisbane, Australia (Tamar Street), where the idea and concept for the song originally came from. The writing process continued over the next couple of weeks where it was finally finished to a demo standard in Brisbane Airport, waiting to board a flight to Bogota, Colombia, and then was finally recorded and mixed at Greenmount Studios, back at home in Leeds. 

I was listening to a lot of Bonobo at the time, as well as more intense music from the likes of Melt Yourself Down which definitely had an influence in my writing at the time. The driving baseline and aggressive syntheses, I think, came also from some personal struggles that I was going through at the time, and decided to take out my anger and frustration with it into writing. Ironically, it now brings a smile to my face hearing the tune, not in a self-indulgent way, but knowing that things got better in life, and that writing this song was a part of the process.

02.09.2019 Look Leeds Pretend Issues

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