Welcome to 2019, this year our contributors will be reviewing singles coming out every week. This week, Laura Misch made her return with Hibernate, Oscar Jerome released one of his most catchy tracks to date and indie’s Irish darlings WhenYoung make a statement to start 2019.

Laura Misch – Hibernate

As the title suggests, this track is pretty chilling with its clean-cut beats and Laura’s slightly ghoulish vocals, which swirl and echo. All proceeds of the bandcamp release go towards UK homeless charity Crisis too, which is pretty nice. – Safi Bugel

Eerie and mysterious, Laura Misch’s Hibernate is a tantalising mix of heavy synths and dreamy harmonies, all set to her signature low-fi beat. “It’s cold out here” echoes throughout the track; a coldness that can almost be felt through Misch’s chilling vocals. It’s dark, it’s hypnotic and it’s even raising money for charity, so therefore definitely worth the listen. – Becca St Vincent

Oscar Jerome – Misty Head/Sunny Street

This is the first I have heard from Oscar Jerome, and it’s pretty pleasant. A tight, jazz-soaked instrumental awash with honeyed vocals and wah-ing guitars, ‘Misty Head/Sunny Street’ is like the hip younger brother of a Jamiroquai track. A treat for Tom Misch fans or LCoM students, I imagine – Safi Bugel

This is also my first engagement with Oscar Jerome, but upon first listen I found myself surprised by how much I enjoyed this song. Inoffensive but ultimately charming, Misty Head/ Sunny Street is a groovy infusion of jazzy and electronic beats, brought together by the effortless elegance of Jerome’s vocals. However the relaxed, summery vibe feels slightly out of place in the midst of the January blues, but maybe I’m just being picky – Becca St Vincent

Shit how have you guys only just come across Oscar Jerome? – James Ward

WhenYoung – Never Let Go

It is almost commendable how hard Never Let Go tries to cement itself as a uplifting and empowering indie anthem. I can already envision it playing during the climax of some corny Netflix coming of age teen movie; the chorus kicking in right at the moment where the protagonist FINALLY has their first kiss with the ‘love of their life’. It’s the sort of thing I probably would have enjoyed aged 14, but sadly now that I’m older and wiser I can see that it’s nothing but an overly keen attempt at tugging on a younger generation’s heart strings, lacking any real depth or actual feeling. It is pretty damn catchy though – Becca St Vincent

This is simple, anthemic and fun. WhenYoung were one of the hype bands of last year among the indie press that really really wishes that indie was still the dominent force in UK music and this song is going to please that crowd no end (See Jack Saunders for example of the type I describe here). I played it the end our show this week because it’s always lovely to end on something uplifting. One you can see the Truck and Y Not crowds going insane for – James Ward

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