Who is Kris Baha? The Italian-Armenian born Kris Baha has been making music for most of his life, moving between electronic production, live performances and DJ sets. Palais, Baha’s latest album released towards to end of last year, feels like it grew out of the depths of the Berlin undergound. It’s an accessible album that spans the post-punk and EBM worlds and could be a great first step into the world of electronic music if you’re just starting out.

Why should you listen? Even if the latest record is acessible Kris Baha has built his following in european underground club culture. If you’re a Leeds based person then Kris Baha is the rare artist who could play Wire as easily as Brudenell Social Club.

Where to start? Listen through Palais, it’s a good introductiont to Kris’ brand of post-punk and EBM music.

A deeper cut… Die Orangen consists of Kris Baha and Dreems and is a similar but distinct sound if you’re looking to go further.

What you should listen to next. Tzusing take you down a heavier EBM route. Super Besse from Minsk, Belarus are making some wicked post-punk at the moment and released “Un Reve” in March that you should definately check out. For big name kind of in the scene then go back to your Nine Inch Nails days.

By Rebecca Cribb and James Ward

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