Who are Fake Turins? A sprawling audio visual collective from North London blending wide range of instrumentation drawing from the thriving London post-punk community. Found in all corners of the captial when they’re allowed out of their cages often advocating for mental health and migrants rights causes.

Why should you listen? With this band it’s not just a case of listening but also watching. The AV element of the project really helps set it apart from other bands in London at the moment. It’s something you’d expect to see in a art-rave rather than a live music space and it’s exciting to see.

Where to start? Latest release Legs came out 10th June, as good a place as any to get into it.

A deeper cut… Their FAKE TV Broadcast is going out about now if you’re reading this on the 26th and if you’re reading it later than that then find the video below, if not then their facebook is here.

What you should listen to next. With with some Phobophobes followed by Team Picture’s (another band known for some great use of AV in their shows) excellent new album the Menace of Mechanical Music and then keep it classic with some LCD Soundsystem becauce of course.

Make sure you check out “Legs” on our “Pretend You’re Having Fun” playlist (updated weekly, Fake Turins featured 25th to 2nd July)

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