Every week we bring you a playlist of new music to help you Pretend You’re Having Fun. Sometimes we ask other people to bring their esteemed taste to the list and this week we have Em Pilbeam from BBC Introducing guiding you through some of best new stuff coming out of Leeds and beyond.

Who are you? And what do you do?

Iyaaaaaa, ya gal Pilbeam here. I present the BBC Music Introducing in West Yorkshire show on BBC Radio Leeds, I also work with BBC Introducing on Radio Humberside, produce Evenings sometimes & DJ when it’s legal.

What’s the worst habit you’ve picked up during lockdown?

Being obsessed with baths, Leeds United and Schoff. None of this is bad. I love it.
Pictured, the unrequited love of Pilbeam’s lockdown life.

Can you tell us a weird and wonderful fact about yourself?

I used to be a competitive swimmer? Trained 8 times a week #nobother

What would Alan Partridge would make of your playlist?

“Back of the net”

Who you wish you could have put on this playlist but hasn’t released music recently?

YOWL and Nao… and Harry Styles.

What’s the best way for people to send you music to get it on BBC introducing?

bbc.co.uk/introducing please don’t send via instagram DMs. i am terrible at checking it.

Emily has has taken over ourplaylist this week. Follow it for weekly updates from ourselves and the best selectors we know.

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