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Why did you move to the current full band set up?

Sooooo I mean I guess the move to a full band set up is to avoid any kinda singer songwriter tropes that tend to hang over my music just because I used to play on my own you know. Not to discredit any of that like I’m a big fan of singer songwriters and all, i love lyrics and I loooove the construction of songs themselves but the vibe’s just not me really. I think what I’m singing about thematically and what I hear in my head requires a band and a different kind of energy. I mean it’s pretty hard to make a room dance with just an acoustic guitar haha

Who is in the band? What do they play?

All the band is made up of a lot of different groups really, different walks of life haha. All pretty local really you’ve got my twin sister Beth on bass from Long Legged Creatures, she’s really great; actually Ross from LLC, we produced the single together, really good lad. Ummm, we have Ash on keys from Mamilah and she’s really fantastic; we have Sean on drums from itoldyouiwouldeatyou he is such a powerhouse it is unreal, best drummer i’ve ever met really, Tom is a recent edition and we’ve known each other for quite a long time but he is an absolute dreamboat and we’ve got Matty on guitar as well he’s a charmer.

Barbed Wire Eyelashes came out on the 15th of March, talk us through what you would like people to know about the song now they’ve heard it?

I’m not sure what to say hahaha, I mean I’m a big fan of it myself and theres a lot of strange stories from the recording of it involving things like people, alone time and LSD but I wouldn’t really know where to start.  I mean if you like it then its there for you if you catch my drift? All you wanna know is there, bundled up in a honest little package. It’s kind of up to you to if you wanna unwrap it. The doors unlocked if you wanna come inside.

With only one single out, what is the next step for Joshua Zero?

Well world domination obviously.

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