Who is VC Pines? Singer songwriter VC Pines seemingly effortlessly manages to create strong imagery and colourful storytelling in his music, transforming the chaos of the world into a state of calm. His vast range and powerful vocals is combined with delicate and soulful instrumentation; his live pairing with his seven piece ensemble ‘The Violet Collective’ adds a new element to this creating an even more immersive sound.

Why should you listen? One of the darlings of the indie press in 2020, VC Pines was one of those artists on course for a huge 2020 of shows before everything went into lockdown.

Where to start?

A deeper cut… VC Pines sets themselves apart from other singer songwriters with powerful production but this stripped back version of bones helps reveal the strong songwriting underpinning it all.

What you should listen to next. Definately go and check out Joesph, in particular “Think That I don’t Need Your Love” that came out earlier this year. Drugdealer would be a great shout for someone more established in the scene or take it back to some classic Badu just to feel the roots of VC Pines’ sound.

Make sure you check out “Taste Your Love” on our “Pretend You’re Having Fun” playlist (updated weekly, VC Pines featured 7th to 14th May)

By Rebbeca Cribb and James Ward

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